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Take a Drive Down Memory Lane: The Car’s of Our Past

Nothing’s better than a little throwback nostalgia. There’s no need to wait till Thursday though to turn back the clock. Just like how you look back at those embarrassing photos filled with questionable clothing and regretful hair styles (why did we ever think we looked cool?), vehicles carry their own past. We don’t realize how good we have it until we see what we came from.

Take a drive through time with Glenn E. Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep, and see all the ways our cars have changed over time.

A Blast From the Past

  1. Car Phones

    No, no, not like the hands-free Bluetooth you’ve grown accustomed to. Like actual phones, that are bulky with cords. Talk about us being disconnected.

  2. Crank Windows

    Can you roll down the window? Oh, that’s where the saying comes from. You can do three sets of ten and skip the gym for an arm workout that’ll leave you sore. What were we, cavemen?

  3. Sun Visors Complete With Your CD Collection

    First things first, what’s a CD? You had to have your full collection with you at all times, including most of those CDs that you only had because you liked one song on it. Let’s not forget about those sweet, “Car Tunes. Vol. 1” mix that you made for all your road trips.

  4. Scratched CDs

    The bane of your existence. There’s a point of no return when you’ve scratched a CD so badly that you can no longer listen to it. But get rid of it? Never, it holds memories.

  5. Maps

    There was a time when you didn’t have three different routes at the ready with turn-by-turn directions. There were actually maps. Like paper ones, which you had to read and examine your best route. Shout out to Google Maps, without you we’d be lost.

  6. Cassette Tapes

    Even before CDs, there were cassette tapes. Which caused an even greater headache, such as…

  7. Rewinding Said Cassette Tapes

    Oh no, it’s the end of the tape. What do you do? First, pull over. Then, find a pencil. Finally, spin until it’s rewound. Pop the tape back in, then realize it’s not rewound.And repeat.

  8. Turning up the Tunes

    YOU ACTUALLY HAD TO TURN IT UP! You couldn’t change the song, station, or volume from your steering wheel. What a mad, mad world it was.

  9. Turning Your Key

    First you had to actually turn your key to get in and out of your car. AND it didn’t make the cool beep to let you know that it was locked. There was no “Push to Start” buttons either. What a hassle.

  10. Finding Your CarYou know when you go into a parking lot, and there’s numbers and letters to indicate where you parked. That’s because we used to not have technology that would direct us right to our car. We had to find it. What do we look like? Christopher Columbus.

Change is good and at our dealership, we speak for everyone when we say we don’t want to return to some of these stressful attributes of driving. But hey, maybe we just inspired you to dust off the old CD collection to see what hidden gems you haven’t rocked out to in a while.

We want to invite you to come on in to Glenn E. Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep to experience all the state of the art models we have. You won’t work up a sweat having to crank windows with the premier technological features offered. For any information or more questions, feel free to give us a call at (562) 425-5111.

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