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Los Angeles Jeep Drivers’ Carpool Party

Carpooling to work used to be a daily ritual for millions of Americans. Through the 1960s and 1970s, about one in five workers carpooled to their jobs. Fast forward to now. How many cars does your household use? More likely than not, the answer to that question is at least two. Today fewer than one in ten commuters carpool to work and a whopping 77% of workers drive to work alone.

Vintage is always in, so it’s time to bring back the past and start a carpool renaissance. It just sounds classy!

Share your ride to work and you’ll save money, time, and help our environment. Los Angeles Jeepdrivers have the perfect vehicle to share a carpool with and after those three attributes, you shouldn’t need more convincing. But just in case you do, here are some more reasons to join the movement!

Carpool Renaissance

Our Los Angeles area Jeep dealership wants to bring you together with your coworkers and friends by bringing back carpooling. Check out a number of the carpooling apps available to help you connect, like KarPooler, ZimRide, and Looptivity.


A car with a single driver emits about 17.86 lbs. of carbon dioxide per gallon. Carpool with just one other person and you cut that number in half. Opt to keep your car off the road for a day a week and you’ll be responsible for significantly improving the environment.

Money Money Money Money

Think about just how much money you spend on filling up your vehicle for you commute and then on top of that, all the tolls you come across. It adds up and at times it can feel like this is where most of your paycheck is going. Well group up and conserve your cash, so you can spend it on things you prefer.

You’re a VIP

Haven’t you ever just wanted your own lane out on the highway? A personal track that is just for you, as you blow by people sitting in congestion while you’re filled with joy. Most states have an HOV lane that is just for you, acting as one of the special perks for drivers who decide to carpool.

Look Who’s Talking

Sometimes you just need a good vent session…especially before or after work. Instead of being a backseat driver (Hint: a good way to get kicked out of the carpool) be a backseat therapist.

Dance It Out

Rules for the carpool: 1.) The front seat passenger is in charge of the aux cord and picks the tunes. 2.) Dancing is encouraged. 3.) Singing is expected. Have some fun!

Safe Keeping

Drivers tend to drive with more caution when there are other passengers in the car. Also, carpooling decreases the amount of cars on the road, which lessens traffic and the likelihood of an accident. Across the board, opting to carpool is the safest commuter decision.

Wear and Tear

You love your ride and you want to keep your vehicle in peak condition as long as possible. You can significantly reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle by carpooling, as you’re saving it from the commuter mileage that piles up every day.

We invite you to swing by our Los Angeles area Jeep dealership to learn more about how carpooling is the best decision that you could make for your daily commute. If you have any questions or need immediate assistance, feel free to give us a call at (562) 425-5111 today.

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